This event is organised by Na Lu'um Permaculture Institute.

The Permaculture Association will share your contact details with them, so they can organise the event and contact you. 

We collect your contact information to help us organise this event and keep you informed.

Please see our privacy policy for details of what we do with your data and your rights. You can change your mind at any time by emailing [email protected]

There is a 7% transaction and administration fee included in these prices. This fee is non-refundable and does not form part of the face value of the ticket. 

Each participant, adult or child, must be registered via the filling in of a separate and complete registration form. Do not select an adult and a child ticket under the same registration as this will lead to subsequent cancellation of your booking and you will have to book again and pay the administrative cost twice.

(including yourself)
Fill in your registration information on this page. If you are registering additional people, you will be able to enter their registration information after you complete this page and click "Continue".
Event Registration (IPC14)
Now fill in the details of the next participant. This can be an adult or a child you are purchasing a ticket for.
Event Fees
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Additional Info Required for IPC14
Please note, all food is vegetarian with vegan options.
Please tell us if you have any mobility issues - for instance, you use a wheelchair or are on crutches
Please include name, country code (telephone) and email address of your emergency contact person.
It is necessary for adults of 26 years or older to have completed a PDC prior to attending the Convergence. If you have not yet taken it, but will before the event begins, please indicate here where you expect to take the course and any other relevant information. If you are registering somebody who is 25 years or under, please indicate this by writing 'I AM 25 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER' in this section.