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A Berry Production distance learning course. Start at anytime to suit you. The course has eight lessons. Lesson 1 Review of the system of plant identification. Plant Families, Species, Cultivars, Varieties. What is a Berry Information contact 2. Which Varieties to Grow Site Selection. How much land? Site Characteristics. Climate. Winter Chilling Requirements. Biological Considerations. Further Considerations affecting what to Grow. Review of Significant Berries including. 3. Lesser Grown Varieties of Berry Plants Production Plan for Berry Cropping. 4. Culture Soils. Planting. Staking. Mulching. Watering. Pests and disease. Feeding. Pruning. Protection from wind, salt, air, etc. 5. Propagation Methods of propagating berries. Seed, Cuttings, Layering. Aids to Propagation. Hardening off Young Plants. Propagation of selected varieties. 6. Weed Control & Irrigation What is a Weed. How Weeds Spread. Preventative methods of Control. Eliminating growing weeds. Identifying Weeds. Water Infiltration and Retention. Drainage. Improving water Infiltration. Soil Moisture Classes. Measuring Water Available to Plants. When to Irrigate. Irrigating Berry Crops. 7. Harvesting & Marketing Berries When and How to Harvest. Understanding Fruit Ripening. Harvesting Techniques. Post Harvest Treatments. 8. Commercial Berry Growing Marketing Berries. The Marketing Process. Understanding Supply and Demand. Cost, Quality and Quantity characteristics in a Crop. Farm Layout for Better Management. dEach lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

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