Fruit Tree Grafting - Brighton

Summary information

The course encourages participants to develop practical skills in the propagation of fruit trees.
Learn the technique of chip budding, using a grafting knife to graft an apple variety onto a rootstock. This method is used to propagate fruit trees such as apple, pear, plum and cherry, for both commercial and garden production and is carried out between late July and the end of August. Background information will be provided on the selection and purchase of rootstocks, collection of propagating material and growing on of the trees. The techniques learned can also be applied to a wide variety of ornamental trees. The course also covers maintenance and sharpening of grafting knives.

Booking and further information
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Brighton, East Sussex BN1 9PZ
Course fee tbc
Dates and times
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10am - 1pm
29 February 2020
Peter May
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