Introduction to DIY Wind Power

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The V3 Power team have been running courses showing people how to build functional wind turbines by hand for more than a decade. For this workshop, they have adapted and modified the popular Hugh Piggott turbine design to simplify it, and have used it to created a course that focuses on the theoretical and practical learning outcomes, to make it much more accessible and affordable for beginners.

Together we will build a machine to turn the power of the wind into electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools. All participants carve a wooden blade, manipulate powerful magnets, and connect copper coils into a stator. As a team we assemble all the components to finish the turbine. Finally we test it and participants can see their work turned into fully charged batteries!

If you are interested in learning about renewable energy systems, this workshop will allow you to get hands-on access to wind generation technology. As with all our DIY energy workshops, you will learn what energy is and what it can do, and gain an understanding of the electrical basics: current, voltage, resistance, power, and series and parallel circuits.

  • Build a fully functional turbine from component parts
  • Learn how to test and maintain wind turbines used in off grid systems
  • Dig deeper into the energy dilemma - and possible solutions
  • No previous experience required.

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All profits reinvested into our social objectives.
Demand Energy Equality is a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing energy literacy, reducing energy demand and working with others to ensure equality of energy access.

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Telephone number: 
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Unit C, 59 Ladywell Road, Lewisham, London, SE13 7UT
£85 (concessions available)
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Ian Westmoreland
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10am - 4.30pm
1 February 2020
Tom Dixon Jack Howe
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