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Quality teachers are essential to the successful spread of Permaculture around the world. Be it PDCs, introductions, talks, or working with educational institutions, each year thousands of people learn how to change their world with Permaculture.

We’re creating a network of educators that can easily communicate and share resources with each other, no matter their location; to help bring permaculture education into the mainstream.

By replicating a mycelium network, we’re spreading knowledge around the world in the most efficient ways. To achieve this, we’ve created a Global Educators Membership.

This membership is designed to support you as an educator, helping you lead, innovate and collaborate with a global network of other educators.

It’s easy to sign up - Join the growing network of permaculture educators for just;

£7.50 per month for those without other memberships

£4.50 extra per month if you already have another membership type

Join now, and change your world.

What's Included

  • A fantastic educator's E-bulletin- a monthly email packed with jobs, news and research in communication, marketing and leadership.
  • A educators portal, full of teaching resources and marketing support.
  • The discounted Teacher's Guide. 
  • An enhanced 'Educator Profile'  optimised for showcasing your experience to new students, with links to your websites and courses. You can add more detail, list your experience, and upload photos and videos.
  • A feedback loop via Loomio to influence how your membership evolves and to influence the direction of education more broadly by suggestions topics for consideration by the EWG. 
  • A dedicated education network coordinator, ready to support you in your education needs. Jemma is available by phone, by email or video and can support you with marketing, communication and technology to promote yourself.

What is the educator’s portal

Watch this Portal Introduction Video, made for our members, to find out more about the features in the portal.

How do I join?

Join by monthly or annual direct debit

Join by paypal or credit card

If you are a current member, your membership fee can be deducted from the educator price. Please email our membership coordinator to calculate and organise this payment.

Remember, you can pay in monthly instalments - meaning your new educator's membership portal and all the support that comes with it, is only £7.50 a month, or only £4.50 if you've already paid for Lifetime membership.

Join as an Educator Member