Jodie Tellam

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About me

Jodie is a community permaculture consultant and teacher, working with young people and adults experiencing hardship and poverty in the UK and overseas.

Using education in the theory and practice of permaculture design to empower people out of poverty, connect people with community , restore and regenerate local ecologies and improve skills, knowledge and wellbeing for communities

Working for various grassroots organisations and NGOs, she has managed community food programmes in Brazil , Ethiopia, India, Mozambique ,Greece and the UK.

She currently lives in Cornwall working with marginalised communities experiencing food scarcity, poor mental health and poverty.

Jodie is a Director of Heart of the Woods CIC, and volunteers for Penwith Welcomes Refugees and Sea Shepherd UK

Diploma Tutor Experience
  • Community forest garden design ,UK
  • Designing for a variety of local NGOs and grassroots orgainisation worldwide
  • School food production design- inner city and rural schools UK & Ethiopia
  • Wildlife gardens for outdoor education centres, UK
  • Permaculture workshops for disengaged young people, Worldwide
  • Dryland techniques and water conservation in semi arid areas  in Brazil, Ethiopia and India
  • Humid Tropic designs in Brazil
  • Deliviering training in Sustainable Livlihoods , India
  • Planning and implementing design courses and intro courses for The Lammas Project , Pembrokeshire
Diploma Tutor Skills
  • Experienced  permaculture trainer and  diploma tutor
  • Establishing community gardens
  • Teaching permaculture design techniques to a wider community through schools and community centres, aiming to include more 'hard to reach' people  and non usual suspects!
  • Teaching permaculture to disenchanted & troubled youths and their families.
  • Establishing permaculture projects in schools and planning and delivering  programmes of workshops
  • Relating permaculture to national curricula and Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship ( ESDGC) in wales
  • Permaculture and international relief efforts
  • Creative  and innovative teaching styles
  • Planning and delivering introductory and full design courses
  • Trustee of the Ethiopian Permaculture Foundation
  • Other interests: Creativity in Development, Conflict resolution, Forum theatre, Global citizenship, Yoga and yoga philosophy, song writing and West Afrian dance.