Farmers & Growers Network

The Permaculture Farmers & Growers Network supports interested farmers and smallholders to learn about and apply permaculture. Our three aims are to:

  • Enable farmers, smallholders and other stakeholders to take part in active research on farm-scale* permaculture design and practice;
  • Improve access for farmers and smallholders to examples of good practice of permaculture at the farm-scale;
  • Increase understanding and appreciation of the value of permaculture at the farm-scale amongst the wider farming community.

*We don’t define ‘farm-scale’ - it could be a micro-holding or a large estate - it is more about the application of permaculture design to commercial food systems and self-reliant smallholdings.

All members of the Permaculture Association are eligible to join the Permaculture Farmers & Growers Network. If you are not yet a member, but you are interested in permaculture farming, join here.

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