…as a volunteer

Learn more about permaculture, develop skills, and make a positive difference.

There are many ways to help.


Nicola, Tom and John sit desks in the office

Volunteering in the office

There are a range of activities you could get involved in at the office in Kirkstall, Leeds?

Whether it's website work, administration, events support, or something else, working with us in Leeds has lots to offer.

Get in touch with Harriet to find out more details.


Volunteering at a project

Do you want to support permaculture projects and learn about permaculture on the ground? We have connections to a wide network of inspiring projects both in the UK and abroad.

To start, have a look at out LAND map, which shows the locations of some great permculture projects. Simply write us an email or call us on 0113 2307461 if you need more information.

A little patch of ground, London. 3 children stand with their harvest of green leaves and figs. One has a rhubarb leaf sheltering his head

There also are a number of working groups you could get involved in

Diploma, Education, Scotland, Wales. For more details about our working groups please contact us.


Volunteering as Permaculture Ambassador

Tell your community about permaculture and its benefits. You could volunteer by writing blog posts, organising a talk, supporting a local group, or something else.

Read more about our Permaculture Ambassadors programme, or contact Ryan.