LAND Centres

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Learning And Network Demonstration network - a vibrant network of permaculture sites. These include suburban gardens, smallholdings, rural farms, city farms, forest gardens, and amazing allotments.

Sites are set up to show permaculture in practice to visitors and volunteers in a safe, accessible and inspiring way..

Some of the best places to see permaculture in action are the 80+ excellent demonstration projects that are part of the LAND Network.

Over 40,000 people have visited LAND Centres in England to learn more about what permaculture means and how we can live lightly on the earth whilst caring for humanity in a fair way. The network is expanding further, with national networks emerging in Wales and ScotLAND.


See the map to find members of the LAND network to visit.

LAND centres all welcome visitors – some for free, some for a small charge. Please see the individual details on the map to arrange your visit.

Join the network

There are two ways in which your project can become involved in the LAND network: either as a LAND Centre or as a LAND Learner.

LAND Learners

LAND Learners are projects which are in the process of developing both their permaculture designs and their ways of demonstrating permaculture to visitors and volunteers.

LAND Learners are supported by LAND tutors in working towards becoming a LAND Centre and fulfilling the LAND criteria. The benefits of being a LAND Learner include:

  • access to high quality, reasonably priced, regional design support in person, over the phone and via email
  • a profile of your project on the map on this website
  • access to the support network of LAND Centres and Learners, who have regular enjoyable skill-sharing and training events

More information and details of how to apply to the supported process of being a LAND Learner in England and Scotland are on the LAND Learners page.

LAND Centres

LAND Centres are established permaculture sites that are used to show visitors and volunteers how they apply permaculture design principles and ethics.

Centres are beacons of permaculture practice, providing places where people can see, hear, smell, taste and touch what permaculture is like.

The benefits of being a LAND Centre include:

  • public confirmation that you are an excellent demonstration of permaculture in practice
  • use of the LAND Centre logo, brand, signage and permaculture posters
  • publicity through the Permaculture Association website, members' newsletter, social media, and e-bulletin
  • the opportunity to welcome more people to your events and activities
  • access to potential long-term volunteers (e.g. WWOOFers)
  • membership of a peer-network that shares learning and skills
  • the opportunity to apply to run Open College Network accredited courses

More information and details of how to apply to be a LAND Centre are available on the LAND Centre Application page.

Need help?

The network is made up of projects who want to help other LAND Centres and Learners. Once you become a LAND Learner you are part of that peer-support network.

The rapid development of the network in England was made possible because of the financial support from the Local Food Fund.


The LAND Network design is shared under the Creative Commons Share Alike licence.

This is the updated guidance originally published in August 2013 and reviewed December 2016; it supersedes previous versions.