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Permaculture Events

These event listings are created by members of the Permaculture Association - login or join to add your event listing.

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The Permaculture Association also organise our own events. This includes the National Convergence, next happening in September 2018, our National Diploma Gatherings and other local and regional events including the South West Regional Convergence. Keep an eye out below for details of these as they arise.


Network and learn at permaculture events

Event listings:

Event County Dates Tickets:
Open Day: 9 Year Retrospective of Rewilded Permaculture Plot 24/06/2018
Racehill Orchard Wild Bees East Sussex 01/07/2018
Cyfarfod Paramaethu Cymru National Gathering 2018 Dyfed 06/07/2018 to 08/07/2018
Gardening at Landmatters Devon 08/07/2018
Summer Skillshare @ The Inkpot Lincolnshire 13/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
Yorkshire Permaculture Gathering 2018 WEY 14/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
Ecological Land Cooperative Summer Gathering & AGM 14/07/2018
North East England Permaculture Convergence County Durham 28/07/2018
Summer Orchard Flower Walk East Sussex 29/07/2018
London Permaculture Festival GRL 29/07/2018
European Permaculture Convergence Wicklow 08/08/2018 to 13/08/2018
SBUK Presents: The Big Straw Bale Gathering 2018 10/08/2018 to 12/08/2018
Diploma Gathering 2018 Lincolnshire 24/08/2018 to 26/08/2018
Eastern Permaculture Gathering 2018 Norfolk 31/08/2018 to 02/09/2018
Brake the Cycle | Explore Evia | 1st - 9th Sept 2018 01/09/2018 to 09/09/2018
Young Ambassadors Weekend 07/09/2018 to 09/09/2018
Brake the Cycle | Bilbao to Barcelona | 15th - 28th Sept 15/09/2018 to 28/09/2018
Educators Meeting - September 20th - Manchester Convergence 20/09/2018
National Permaculture Convergence Manchester (Greater) 20/09/2018 to 23/09/2018
Thriving Communities - Permaculture at the Edge Manchester (Greater) 20/09/2018
Apple Day Brighton East Sussex 23/09/2018
Brake the Cycle | Lisbon to Seville | 12th - 21st October 12/10/2018 to 21/10/2018
Brake the Cycle | An Andalusian Adventure | 20th - 28th Oct 2018 20/10/2018 to 28/10/2018