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Albert Peacock Buckingham

I've been really interested in permaculture for nearly 10 years, but haven't put a lot into practice yet.

Keelayogafarm - Main Profile Fundao

Keela Yoga Farm is an off grid farm with their own electricity and water. Keela likes to demonstrate that you don't have to be uncomfortable to live off grid.

Angela Scott Doncaster
Ian Alexander
posthumus - Main Profile

Hi I'm Dennis. I'm a writer, educator, gardener, maker, and producer.

andieb1972 - Main Profile Swindon

We are a veg growing, chicken keeping, home educating family of four living in suburban Swindon and keen to connect locally with other people trying to live in an eco-conscious way.

The hidden mill glasgow

We are a permaculture small holding and business. There are fifteen acres of woodland pasture and waterways. We have a small guest house and provide eduaction in many crafts and hand skills.

Juliet Carter 2 - Main Profile


Sarah Deco London

Completed a full permaculture design course in Oxford in 2011
I'm a group therapist and storyteller.

Maria Svennbeck Stockholm
LindaWoodlandFarm - Main Profile

35 acre permaculture smallholding in Pembrokeshire includes 3 acres of cut flowers, 10 acres of coppice and charcoal/biochar making, 10 acres woodland, new fruit orchard, willow plantation and the

Mar Yo Northampton
Tondon - Main Profile Hastings

Essentially, I am a gardener who tries to incorporate general permaculture principles when possible.

Jenny Parsons Hull

I am based in Hull. I became interested in Permaculture through the Transition Movement.

Imogen - Main Profile Redruth

I rent three acres near Redruth in Cornwall. I am hoping to set up a much larger business running a permaculture based holiday company.
I love producing my own food.

Stefan Doeblin - Main Profile Idanha a Nova

Founder of Living Seeds Sementes Vivas SA Portugal/Spain in July 2015; Company produces, processes, distributes 100%organic and biodynamic seeds focused on vegetables, herbs, flowers and amaranth,

Alan Thornton Leeds

I'm ensuring coordination between the International Permaculture Convergence, Conference and 'Edge Events' in September 2015.

James Piers Taylor London

Experience and Skills:

Louise Shannon Coalville

I'm Louise, I am pretty new to permaculture, having been introduced to it by a friend. We trained as shiatsu practitioners together and her project was on Shiatsu and Permaculture.

[email protected] - Main Profile Bath

A gardening business owner that discovered permaculture in 2005. Djambung gardens and Robyn Francis inspired my now lifetime passion, and now I plan to embark on the diploma.

Felix Power Hitchin

My partner Jim and I are amateurs with an interest in Permaculture particularly around growing food, encouraging wildlife and finding creative things to do with rubbish and waste.

Dave Allen Stoke-on-Trent

PDC Gained in 2011 with Patrick Whitefield

Rod Everett - Main Profile Roeburndale, Lancaster

Experienced International teacher. I have taught over 35 PDCs.

Peter Wright aka Pedro de gardener

got into Permaculture back in 1978/79 worked at inter action arts trust after encountering it in Australia while spending time with the aboriginal people.

Dario Gerchi Bruton
Andrew Walton Birmingham

I am a political activist and campaigner wth an interest in ecology, bioregionalism and permaculture.

Peter M - Main Profile Cranbrook
Laura Kidd Ornans
claudiu - Main Profile London

Greetings all!

[email protected] - Main Profile

Vivien von Abendorff and her partner Kalki Aporia are theatre professionals, recently moved to Serbia from the UK and the Netherlands to set up a rural arts, tourism and permaculture project.

Les Moore - Main Profile London

I hold a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and specialise in urban regeneration.

Esta Orchard London
PlantingUp-MK - Main Profile Milton Keynes

The “Planting Up” community garden project was formed by a few passionate people from Westbury Arts Centre and Transition Town Milton Keynes in summer 2017 with the aim of establishing a community

Louise Tipping
Joanna Lota Dornan Leeds
Alpay Torgut London and West Wales

I came up with the name Naturewise while I was travelling on the London underground. and have been coordinating its evolution since 1990.

Trees for Health Kingsbridge

Running an agroforestry project based in South Devon. Features a 1 acre forest garden & alleys with fruit trees between. Visits/tours/guides available - contact us for a quote.

C Keene - Main Profile Norwich

I went on a PDC course 4 years ago with Aranja

Dinah and John Liversidge Llanymddyfri

We make BioChar from local wood and green waste.

Roman Eisenkölbl - Main Profile

Roman Eisenkoelbl:

kevin Hunn Norwich

Norwich artist based at Stew Gallery. My current practice is rooted in permaculture ethics and practice. It ranges from creating installations and performances to sculpture and video creation.

Holistic Regeneration

Holistic Regeneration is an innovative new permaculture design, consultancy and education company.

Berchinrode - Time for Change close to Aachen

"Berchinrode" is a small self-sufficiency farm and place of BiNE e.V. - association for education for sustainable development.

CaraWilson - Main Profile

I have worked for the Permaculture Association coordinating work for Paramaethu Cymru, the Wales member network for two years now.

The Sustainability Centre Petersfield

We are an independent education and learning centre, a beacon for sustainability and an award-winning social enterprise charity.

David Metcalfe

The Green House vegetarian restaurant that specialises in quality organic cuisine. It also has its own growing site a kilometre away. We grow some of our fruit and veg.

Piero Soligo Carolina

I live in a .5 acre lot in Rio Grande, PR, just 7 minutes from the rainforest. This house was inherited in an advanced state of decay due to regular floods.

racheledge - Main Profile Oxford

Hi everyone, I teach Permaculture and create urban food production designs for schools, residents, businesses, housing developments, local authority and consult with landscape architects, planners

hollyt - Main Profile b487pp

I became interested in Permaculture as an eco friendly way to grow vegetables in my small garden.

John Hinsley Bridport

60 yrs male, living in beautiful Bridport. Gardener, volunteer with Cinnamon Trust, Bridport Cohousing member. Human/canine communication professional ('behavioural issues')