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Rachel Bodle - Main Profile

Completed Permaculture Design Course in 2010 whilst living in west Norfolk, and then later enrolled in the Diploma programme which I used to support me as I designed a series of life-changes.


More info to follow

E.Waddington - Main Profile

Elizabeth Waddington is a writer and green living consultant living in Fife, Scotland.

Gary Early - Main Profile Holbeach, Spalding

I grew up on a small holding in Lincolnshire. Studied National Diploma in agriculture and worked on arable and livestock farms as a tractor driver, potato agronist and arable foreman.

Ros Bedlow London

Co-founder of Transition Leytonstone
Teaching Introduction to Permaculture from March 2012

Scotswood Natural Community Garden Newcastle upon Tyne

Scotswood Natural Community Garden is made up of two-acres of different wildlife habitats and Permaculture food growing areas.We run a range of programmes for local people of different ages, inclu

Permaculture Research Foundation Malta Malta

The Permaculture Research Foundation Malta is made up of a young dynamic team who strive with the following aims:

Suzy Hill Bournemouth
gardinhan - Main Profile London

I work on supporting the development of land based social enterprises, particularly around business models and governance
I am part way through a diploma

[email protected] - Main Profile Fowey

Hi guys, my name is Zac Harris and I run a garden design business called Gardens Of Eden.

Albert and Lucie Kreulen Chiddes (Nievre)

Two watermills, in the Parque Naturel du Morvan in the Bourgogne in France.

Sally - Main Profile SW Suffolk

Starting on my Permaculture journey, creating a garden to sustain Nature and myself, a place to gather food, to find peace and well-being.

Simon Watkins - Main Profile North Yorkshire

I'm a landscape architect, garden designer, graphic designer and musician, based in the village of Airton, Malhamdale in the Yorkshire Dales.

Suzanne Lambert Nottingham

My partner and I run Gallery Farm, a permaculture site to the north of Nottingham. We are currently working with the government to create a flood management wetland.

Father Nature UK - Main Profile London

Established in 2009, Father Nature is a Brixton based social enterprise focusing on permaculture landscape design, build & maintenance of public & private sector & community horticultur

Bigsarnie - Main Profile

I suppose I can claim a long-term interest in permaculture, having first caught the bug for it down under in the mid noughties and completed my PDC in 2010, but living in 4 different countries sinc

Mostadam - Main Profile Jerusalem

Permaculture specialist with 10 years of experience.

Katie Shepherd - Main Profile Saltaire

I am a permaculture practitioner and educator

In November 2020 I will be returning to my work as a Diploma Tutor

My current permaculture design interests/passions are:-

Dano Wheals Ipswich/ Colchester

Medical Herbalist and lover of permaculture since I stumbled onto a convergence. is herbal medicine + permaculture.

Paul Mackay Belsize Park
thomas_collingnon - Main Profile Le Havre
The Beshara School at the Chisholme Institute Hawick

The Beshara School at the Chisholme Institute is a charity registered in Scotland.
The education at the Beshara School is based on the principle of the unity of existence.

Faith Fairbairn - Main Profile Isle of Mull

Hi, my name's Faith. I completed my P.D.C. in Edinburgh in June 2014
And am registering to do my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

Michel Thill - Main Profile

Michel has lived in a number of places around the world including at eco-villages and a Permaculture Education Centre in Asia.

NickTurner - Main Profile Stroud
A_R_J-G - Main Profile
Michael Wolff Nairn

Since 2003, I have been developing Ki Work, a web-based social network utility that supports the incubation, marketing and management of collaborative enterprises.

James H Atherton Oxford
demand_energy_equality - Main Profile London

DEE is a non-profit committed to increasing energy literacy and reducing energy demand. To this end we run practical DIY energy workshops, where we teach basic energy concepts and challenges.

schteeeven - Main Profile Rickmansworth

A beginner with an interest and access to a good amount of green space!

Geoff Fisher Retford/Hull

I'm a part-time college lecturer, part-time gardener and part time-maker of what I fancy making!I teach countryside management/conservation at an FE college.

Joe_Atkinson - Main Profile Leeds

I run a small software business and am a freelance educator. I regularly work in Leeds and Nottingham, and further afield when the opportunity arises.

Linda Blattler Prague

I have studied Management of NGO's at the Faculty of Humanities in Prague (2003-2006) and that brought me to work in environmental NGOs.

emmyjenkins - Main Profile

I have a penchant for social permaculture but have recently been indulging in trying to understand better methods for economically viable permaculture.

Byou - Main Profile Ilkley

My name is Bruno, a Portuguese nurse that is here with is family, a big interest in permaculture ,resilience,comunity...looking for . Thanks

Kirmy - Main Profile Denny

I'm reinvigorating 2.5 acres of once depleted horse pasture into a community permaculture garden. Changing the world one coffee at a time.

Sarah-Jane Childs London
David Hope
Louis Melville Rutherford London

Permaculture Designer, Curator and Technology Futurist.

Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Heather Jo Flores - Main Profile

Permaculture Women's Guild offers free and low-cost online permaculture courses for people of all levels of expertise.

FurnaceBrookCIC - Main Profile Hailsham
Cathrine Dolleris - Main Profile Orø - is an island

I am dedicated to preserving life supporting systems in nature and in society.

Samantha Woods Leicester

PDC Teacher based in Leicester and specialising in urban permaculture and social enterprise.

arnaudfache - Main Profile Loire-Atlantique

2009 Arabic & English General University Studies Diploma - Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilisations at University of Nantes, France

Albright Design Studio - Main Profile High River Alberta

Sybrena Albright has a background in Interior Design and is passionate about connecting Permaculture Design with the built environment in a way that supports our health and wellness, productivity a

Alan Carter - Main Profile Aberdeen Aberdeenshire

I am a forester, gardener and park manager based in Aberdeen.

Jonny Barton Aberdeenshire
Tricky Wolf Pinoso Alicante

I'm building Wyrdwood Acres, a 5 acre Permaculture project in Southern Spain with my family.

Ed Tyler - Main Profile Muasdale Argyll and Bute

I have been teaching and designing ever since I completed my design course with Rob Everrett in Middlewood, Lancs. in 1994.

richard_clutterbuck - Main Profile Isle of Mull Argyll and Bute

I have recently moved up to the wonderful Isle of Mull.
Would like to meet up with other like minded people in the area.