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Shift Bristol CIC

Since 2010 Shift Bristol CIC has offered the one year Practical Sustainability Course.
Forty weeks and 2.5 days a week the course offers an immersive and expansive exploration of Permaculture approaches.
We also offer short courses in Bristol and elsewhere including Introduction to Permaculture, Urban Shift, Permaculture for Schools, Effective Collaboration. We also host talks and one off workshops. 
We offer bespoke training for organisations to improve their group work, resolve conflict and improve sustainability and community engagement.

United Kingdom
Shift Bristol CIC

Providing holistic, solutions based and hands-on education in preparation for a low-carbon and community centred future. Based in Bristol we run a range or Permaculture based courses including the year long Practical Sustainability Course. Established in 2010 we work with some of the most experienced practitioners and tutors to deliver cutting edge, dynamic courses for all abilities.

United Kingdom
Social Farms and Gardens (Previously FCFCG)

Social Farms & Gardens is a UK wide charity supporting communities to farm, garden and grow together.

Our vision - people and communities reaching their full potential through nature-based activities as a part of everyday life.

Our mission - to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment through nature-based activities. 

Social Farms & Gardens was formed by the merger of two long established membership-based charities, the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and Care Farming UK. 


Soil Association

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health.

Today, we are the UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. We have over 150 staff based in Bristol and Edinburgh and working as certification inspectors across the country.

Bristol United Kingdom
Sol luag Havens

The Product and Dream
We at Sol Laug Havens create beautiful handcrafted Vegan skin care products -We nurture and grow the herbs and flowers that we use without the use of pesticides and fertilizer on our farm, based in Moulton, Northampton.
Our unique soap recipes are designed by Natasha who is a Michelin trained chef who enjoys creating delightful ,unexpected combinations to bring something exclusive to your home.
We run a monthly permaculture meetup group for anyone interested in gardening, outdoor community, permaculture, anyone who is wanting to learn and share knowledge about gardening topics.
We are currently developing learning resources and work experience programs , where we have an experienced accredited permaculture teacher on site
We are determined that it would be a haven of work and development opportunity for the homeless. Likewise, others with rehabilitation, disability and other support needs would be high on the agenda to work for and within the scheme. The true inspiration within this project is that it fulfils more than just a vision of future potential. By involving people who have very real needs today, it also encapsulates a genuine chance to change lives and build a community.
The bigger picture is to explore, develop and create a practical environment where this exciting idea can be used to determine a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Northamptonshire United Kingdom
St Athans Hotel

St Athans Hotel, Bloomsbury is situated in the leafy heart of central London just 5mins walk from the British Museum, the University of London and the British Library; and in 15-20mins you can walk to London’s West End (Soho, Oxford St, Covent Garden, Leicester Square etc) with its many shops, theatres and famous night spots. We are also within walking distance from Russell Square, Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras International stations.

The Geyer family has been running the St Athans Hotel for over 50 years. We recognise the demand for clean, simple and inexpensive accommodation while still caring for the environment, and aim to fulfil these criteria while adding friendliness and a bit of character into the mix.

Certified by Green Tourism, Europe’s leading accreditation eco-tourism grading, and using Permaculture Design principles we try to continually lessen our environmental impact, and pass on our knowledge to other similar businesses. We’re proud to be central London’s 1st Green B&B hotel – but would prefer that this was the industry norm.

10% discount off Standard rooms when you mention Permaculture when booking by email or phone, or simply use the PERM discount code when booking online :)

London United Kingdom
Straw Bale Building Association

One of the first things people ask when considering building a straw bale house is, "Will I be able to get home insurance for it and will I be able to get a mortgage?" Due to the fact that this method of building is relatively new to modern construction, you may find it harder to find home insurance and mortgage companies willing to lend to you. However, If you are building a house that doesn’t use the straw bales structually but uses them as in-fill for say a timber frame building you should have far fewer problems.

If you want a truly ecological, environmentally friendly and low impact house it is hard to beat a straw bale house. Straw bales are available locally reducing transport and storgage costs and they offer fantastic thermal insulation values with virtually no impact on the environment. There are however some downsides, as with any building methods. Probably the biggest issue that affects most people is the thickness of the finished walls, a lot of internal room sizes may have to be compromised. A typical straw bale is around 500mm wide, once you add the external render and internal plaster walls can be 600-700mm thick.

Apart from structural stability the number one concern when building with straw bales is moisture. The bales must be kept dry while you are building and the floor, roof and wall coverings must keep the straw dry once the building is complete. A good damp-proof and decent overhang on the roof together with breathable render, plaster and paint should stop the water from getting in and allow any that does get through to escape.

Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge

SFEL integrates an Eco-Lodge, model PC farm, an organic restaurant, a PC design training facility and runs a program of trekking and community based cultural activities in Konso. SFEL’s project objectives are to promote alternative livelihoods for the Konso community through facilitating community inclusion in tourism activities, and to promote food security locally and more widely in Ethiopia, through offering training and consultancy services in Permaculture to stake-holders including community groups, NGOs, faith based organisations, businesses, governmental organisations and individuals. SFEL employs 20 permanent staff and up to 30 temporary workers.

Strawbuild Europe

Strawbuild is a not for profit organisation that provides natural building and training services throughout Europe, our aim is to create quality spaces that won’t cost the earth.

We enjoy designing, teaching and building quality, environmentally sensitive spaces of all kinds and sizes and love helping you realise your vision.

Committed to collaborative working, we can support you all the way through from initial concept to your finished build. We offer a wide range of services and assistance, ranging from design work and obtaining the necessary Planning Permissions and Building Regulations approvals through to on-site training or contract build.

Studio BE. Architecture for Wellbeing

As an RIBA Chartered practice, our objective is to minimise the impact of the built environment on human and planetary health. We design energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable buildings to function in harmony with nature.

United Kingdom