River Roeburn Remembering and Restoring Festival

Summary information

This festival will celebrate and remember 50 years since the Wray flood on 8th August 1967
and will help to engage the local community and general public about the issues around flooding and water management. Full details www.riverroeburn.uk
Events will include:
Historical exhibition of the River Roeburn and events of flooding, landslips and other river changes over the years including Wray Flood and Flood Desmond
Rivers Healing Circle to bring together waters from rivers in UK and abroad and their stories (Sunday midday)
Photographic competition of photos of rivers or streams in the Lune catchment (especially the Rivers Wenning, Hindburn and Roeburn)
River paintings by Janet Robinson and Hilary Devereaux
Natural Land sculpture workshops with Richard Shilling and Julia Brooklyn
Search for fossils amongst the river stones
Walks to see erosion sites, landslips and ongoing damage from the flash flooding of the River Roeburn
Display of Slow the Flow techniques - woody check dams, stone check dams, in river training with careful placement of boulders, wool and bale dams that could be used for reducing peat erosion, blanket bog restoration and the use of mob grazing to increase the infiltration of rain by improving the soil structure
Film showings from other Slow the flow projects
Neighbourhood flood plans
Large aerial photo of the Rivers Roeburn and Hindburn to help record memories and encourage community engagement
River flow experimental area to play with different structures and see how they affect water flow
N'Dodo - A great local band, Very dancable (Sat)
Local musicians performing near the river and in the woodlands
Two local choirs Lune Valley Voices and Wenning Voices.
Dance performance with Dawn Morgan and friends
Creating community poetry with Eli Denvir
Local poetry inspired by the river
Sharing of food brought by festival visitors
Beautiful Roeburndale Woodlands and organic orchards

Booking and further information
Backsbottom Farm, Roeburndale West, Lancaster
Contact name: 
Rod Everett
free (please enquire if you need to camp overnight)
Dates and Times
Saturday, 12 August, 2017 to Sunday, 13 August, 2017
Venue information

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