Belvedere Forest garden open day

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The garden is open on 16 June as part of Bookham open gardens. 18 gardens will be open in total with a minibus service between them, although many people walk or cycle.

Started in 2014 from a relatively blank canvas with at the back a central lawn, a laurel hedge, a row of leylandii and a row of privet. At the front there was a row of privet and some uninspiring beds.

Now full of unusual edible plants interspersed with wildlife friendly plants, medicinal plants, and a large range of culinary herbs and spices.

We had about 550 visitors for open garden days and were awarded three gold medals from the Surrey wildlife Trust. It is a partially wild garden, the front lawn is allowed to grow long in summer and has been planted with fritillaries, alliums and Camassia amongst other wild flowers.

Whilst there are now quite a few beds at the back we kept the central lawn as we like playing badminton. A living badminton net was just made out of a tayberry and a loganberry.

There is a multitude of fruit trees: step over apples, victoria plum, mulberry tree, sharon fruit, pomegranate, citrus, olives and many unusual edible shrubs: buffalo current, japanese wine berry, kiwis, chilean sausage vine, chilean guava, szechuan peppers, josta berry, maqui, arbutus undedo amongst other.


Herbs vary from mexican pipiche, huacatay mint, japanese mitsube parsley to a large array of mints, salvias, sweet cecily, sorrel, many forms of thyme, lovage, egyptian tree onion, japanese mitsuba parsley, tarragon plus the usual Mediteranean ones.


There are artichokes, cardoons, liquorice. Climbing the house there are hops, roses and a vine. All the beds are planted with a mix of perennials and edible plants such as chillies, fuchsias, perennial cabbages, salsify etc.


There is also a small pond and we have a variety of bees, insects, bats, birds, newts, a few frogs, foxes, squirrels all visiting.


Opposite the house we also have two allotments and in all we grow well over half of our food.

Booking and further information
£5 in advance or £6 on the door
Dates and Times
Sunday, 16 June, 2019
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10.00 - 16.00

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