Silvopasture for Climate Resiliency with Steve Gabriel

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Discover the potential of silvopasture for transforming livestock farming, from the use of trees as fodder for animals, to the potent impacts on climate resiliency and carbon sequestration. The practice was rated by Project Drawdown as the top agricultural solution to climate change.

This workshop will engage participants in case studies and a design activity to understand the ways silvopasture can be implemented on farms and homesteads of all shapes and sizes, to help land managers adapt to a changing climate, as well as increase the carbon holding capacity of the land.

Steve Gabriel, author of Silvopasture and Farming the Woods (with Ken Mudge), is an ecologist, educator, and a forest farmer who has lived most of his life in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Steve passionately pursues work to reconnect people to the forested landscape and see the value of trees and forests for a truly regenerative future. He is Agroforestry Extension Specialist for the Cornell Small Farm Program and co-owns Wellspring Forest Farm & School

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0208 5252890
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Thursday, 10 January, 2019
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An independent, organic bakery in a spruced up railway arch beneath London fields Station.