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We are looking for help with general maintainance and gardening on a eco farm in the green heart of Latvia

Living with and from nature, Speaking 4 languages (Latvian, German, English, Russian) . We love Kids (we have Linda 11, Lukas 8 and Elina 2 (old) ) and yours (if so) are always welcome. We have a dog, a cat, chickens, goats and pics . Soon we will have a donkey too. We have 4 Ha Farmland and garden and 2,5 Ha Forest. In the house and 5 barns are always something to do (Renovating, and more) The woods have to be cleaned up and there are some trees to be cut also. We have a big garden with potatoes, salad, fruits and much more( in summer).

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Translating Children in Permaculture resources

The Children in Permaculture project are writing various resources in English to help educators learn more ways to engage children in permaculture. These are: Case studies, session plans, activities, curricula, manual and a training course. We are looking for volunteers to help with translations. The project partners are particularly interested in hearing from native speakers of the following languages who can translate from English into: Italian, Czech, Slovenian or Romanian.

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Refugee camp, The Jungle, Calais; looking for Permaculturalists who have been, are there, or are going.

Dear PA members,

Has anyone/groups done any work with the refugee camps in Europe?

I am planning to go to volunteer in the Jungle at Calais and have been reading a lot about the problems there. Food poverty, waste and sanitation issues, rats and have been wondering if permaculture has been an approach used there or at any other camps before?

I recently came back from Hong Kong where I did my PDC. Previous to that, I was WWOOFing in New Zealand and Australia for 3 years.

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Two Permaculture Interns in Chile!

The Apple Tree Eco School in the BíoBío region of Chile is looking for two experienced entrepreneurial permaculture interns starting May 2010.

We need (1) an experienced administrator proficient in English and Spanish to help manage a busy permie office, planning and promotions and (2) an experienced gardener to assist in production, processing and distribution of organic food.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to work in Permaculture centre connected to Gaia University, Transition Towns and the Permaculture Research Institute.

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Wadden Sea Festival, Mando Island - call for permaculture artists

Foundation Wadden Art invites permacultural artists and ecological artists for the followng project:
Foundation Wadden Art organises for artists, permaculturalists and others interested, within the Wadden Sea Festival 2010 in Denmark the project "Any Questions?".

The selection is open for artists in all disciplines from all over the world. The deadline is 21st April 2010.

The festival is 4-12 September 2010.


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