3ha biodynamic land for a permaculture project ( and a hope of cooperation) in Denmark

Hedeager farm, at Ølgod in West Jutland, Denmark, has now felled an area of forest (are now strip-grazing pigs on this land) These 3ha. of biodynamic land are available for one or more people who want to cultivate a permaculture garden and cooperate with our farm and production.

There may be the possibility of securing a long-term usage of the land and there is a possibility of housing on our farm, or setting up a tiny-house.

Chris Hedeager, owner of Hedeager Farm is open for the details of the project to be started there. It could be an extension of our farm production, an educational site, or an association that plants a forest garden, a market garden, visitor destinations, or allotment plots for example.

Our wish it that the new collaborative partners can help us develop the farms sustainability, attract visitors, increase biodiversity and productivity on the ground, and help to make the farm economically sustainable, also in the long-term.

If you are interested in starting a cooperation with permaculture as the basis, but you have no land available, it can be a win-win-win situation.

Do you want to grow a permaculture garden on the land and collaborate with Chriss please feel free to write to them at [email protected] or call 21784168

Kindly write about your project ideas, a little personal information about yourself and your wishes and expectations.

Contact email: 

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