6-month Internship at Permaculture Farm in Algarve

Quinta Vale da Lama, a Regenerative Farming project in Algarve province of Portugal that has become rather well-known in European Permacuture circles over the years, is now offering a 6-month Internship Opportunity for serious Permaculturists who are now ready to deepen their understanding of the ethics and principles through a well-structured and guided program of intensive application.

Key Facts:

  • Scope of program: 4 placements on offer, for an intern in each of 4 specialized areas of study & practice:

    • Organic Market Gardening
    • Farm Product Transformation
    • AgroForestry systems
    • Natural Building
  • Timing: March 17 - September 15 of 2019
  • Cost: Free (except that successful candidates will be assessed a €100 administration fee, and are responsible for their own travel documents, insurance and transportation to Lagos PT).

If this sounds like a good fit for you (or someone you know), then we suggest that you review the online program description carefully, and proceed with the application process straightaway, as the deadline for applications is January 2 , and a good few people have been asking after this program in advance of its announcement.

Contact email: 

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