Beautiful permaculture demonstration site for sale

For Sale as a going concern –Wishtree, Permaculture Project, Devon

For a decade we have been building up our permaculture LAND learner project, five years of which has been living off-grid. Over this time we have introduced edible trees and shrubs to create the emergence of a forest garden, demonstration and mental wellbeing project.
We have lived, loved and shared spiritual pain with this beautiful place and it is with sadness that we are now selling the land known as Wishtree.

Due to a death in our family on September 4th, and the affects of COVID on the business, everything we have known and practiced over the last decade has changed. Death has created disturbance. From this we will design a new chapter in our story, creating an ecology of diversity and abundance. Permaculture is not just about land but very much about building strong family and community ties: people are at the centre of what it means to practice permaculture.

Death and grief, whether the death of someone close, the end of a relationship, or a chapter in our lives, can show us what true resilience is. It is about people, and the relationships we make, and how strong our ties are, in order to support each other when our security is suddenly whipped away, leaving us like children, exposed to our vulnerabilities and fear of the future.

But with permaculture design there is excitement in the unknown. Using the creative practices of permaculture design can help us to transition to the rebirth of a new chapter. What our time at Wishtree has given us is a chance to dive deep into what it means to be resilient and experience the essence of Gaia and understand that she is a force that cannot be controlled nor tamed. Death is a part of that force; a natural process. Without it there is no rebirth.

Loving her and learning from Gaia, these lessons are not lost; they are immersed in our thoughts and experiences, in the very people who we have become. We step into the next chapter of our story with open hearts and open minds; stronger, more resilient people, letting go of ownership and turning to acceptance and abundant thinking.

We will continue the delivery of our current services whilst reflecting and rebrand and help others to find the wild edges around them, putting people even more at the centre of what we do. Thank you to those of you who have helped us in creating this chapter of our lives. You are now part of the ancestral story we will tell. We hope you will continue to watch, share and interact with each new page we write.

If you are interested in purchasing Wishtree as a going concern, as a permaculture project, please get in touch.
With love
Wenderlynn and Iain

Project Description:

Land –
Beautiful permaculture demonstration site, planted with hundreds of edible and useful trees and shrubs, with supporting infrastructure. Ideal for your own permaculture projects, and/or running permaculture and regenerative businesses.

Excellent access with off road private parking, with the potential to expand the parking for more vehicles.
Wishtree hosts a variation of permaculture demonstrations of forest gardening practice, from residential gardening to smallholding scale: each collectively supports established ecosystems plant and animal based life. These are named as The Social Garden, Microfarm with 35 prepared beds for growing perennial and annual crops. These beds include species such as perennial rye, soapwort, tree cabbage, and various nitrogen fixers such as broom, Russian liquorice and bladder senna, blueberries, self seeding calendula and dragons tongue.
Other areas include The Pancake patch, an area prepared with swales for growing annual grains; and an emergent forest garden with autumn olive, plum trees, flowering quince and medlars and bamboo. There are numerous other species of plants located in all of these areas - too many to name here.

There are several ponds with established ecosystems, which have been designed to flow into adjoining ditches and each other. During periods of heavy rainfall there is a seasonal stream.
A variety of species have been planted to create new hedges within the boundary of the land, to act as wildlife corridors and windbreaks. These are either at maturity or just coming into maturity. The mature mixed hedges on the external boundary have started to be layed in the traditional regenerative management process of hedgelaying.

Wishtree comprises 5 acres of deciduous woodland, with an acre clearing in cultivation, in the culm grassland area of North West Devon. Centred in the middle of several small villages and two main towns, there is easy road access to these and a 40 minutes drive to the beach.
Pasture fields surround the land which supports the busy Ruby Country farming community of sheep and cattle farmers.

• 1 x polytunnel (10x25 ft)
• 2 x small greenhouses (no glass, covered with Perspex and plastic)
• 1x wooden shed with woodburner (10 X 10 feet)
• 1x metal shed (6 X 6 feet)
• 1x caravan (needs internal and external work)

Composting systems –
• Treebog (partially constructed - needs a roof)
• Compost chambers
• Humanure bins

Additional Details –
• Various other storage containers
• Fenced off area previously used for poultry, includes the start of hugelmounds.
• Woodstore area
• Potential community kitchen area

This project would suit those who are looking to start a permaculture project, with existing elements giving a head start for the potential to start a small, rural food business. The Local community know the project well and we would encourage anyone taking this beautiful place on, to maintain these connections so the community can continue to benefit from the wellbeing aspects Wishtree offers.
£55,000 (negotiable)

Please call or email [email protected] or call 07516477470
For images of Wishtree, please visit our website

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