Down to Earth film

DOWN to EARTH is an award-winning film taking viewers on a journey to visit the Earth Keepers, the native wisdom teachers around the world who hold the keys to a regenerative future. The Earth Keepers foretold that what is happening in the world today is a sign that we are on the verge of a global transformation, moving into a new era of peace and balance. Now more than ever is the time for solidarity, for people of all colours and backgrounds to come together and make a change.

The film takes viewers on an unconventional journey of self-discovery stimulating them to free their mind and form a better connection with nature, with themselves and with each other. Free-thinking people are exactly what the world needs right now. This is the time of People-Powered Change.

Join us on the journey – no flight needed!

If there is one journey people should go on this summer, we think it’s this one. We want to use the summer to take people and communities around the world on the heart-opening journey and bring the film and its messages to a wider audience. watch the film, discover how to get the best out
of it and how to use it in your own community.

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