Intern wanted in north west Wales

Lovely, smiling, self-starting, veg growing intern wanted for a summer outside between the mountains and sea in north west Wales.

We are a small, family run, permaculture inspired farm. We produce meat, milk, eggs and veg but all on a small and human scale and in a regenerative way.

We think that growing healthy food for your local community is about the most important job possible and this year we want to move from providing veg for our farm population to feeding our community.

We will be expanding the current kitchen garden and creating a small market garden following a no-dig, intensive system Coleman/Fortier/Ridgedale style system.

To do this you have to believe that you really can ‘solve all the worlds problems in the garden’. And you would (alongside us) lead with this project. There would also be lots of opportunity to learn about Permaculture, livestock, natural building and running a business.

There is always a friendly small farm population of volunteers, guests (we have a glamp/campsite) and our young family (6,4,0). We believe in picking our fights, but a lot of our food does come from the farm and we do have a good time.

Accommodation, food and the option to earn £50 a week through other farm enterprises will all be provided. We would be looking for a commitment to stay over this growing season. There would also be opportunity for you take this forward on some form of profit share if all goes swimmingly.

As you can imagine the time to get on with this is now.. If your interested please have a look at our website and send us an email [email protected]

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