Would you like to gain practical skills that take you to the heart of Permaculture design and Agroecology?

Hill Top Farm is the demonstration site for Learning from Nature. An innovative organisation showing an easier and cheaper way to grow food by bringing Nature’s FREE ecological services back into their gardens and farms using our Toolkit of Ecological Practices.
Our Ecological Practices incorporate and extend Bill Mollison’s Permaculture design tools. The Practices provide a framework for our clients to understand and then restore key ecological functions on their properties– their nutrient and water cycling, energy flow, and beneficial connections to use resources efficiently. With an understanding of the ecological rationale behind these Practices, our clients develop tools and techniques that work well for their unique growing conditions and production systems.
Doing an internship at Hill Top Farm you’ll help will be invaluable with trialing some of these ecological tools.
By combining practical hands-on experience with scientific rigour, you’ll learn how to improve ecological functions in growing systems, whatever your climate. And there are orchardists, dairy farmers, market gardeners, grain producers, graziers... already getting amazing results from using this ecological approach.
Our approach brings Permaculture Design, Holistic Management, Agroforestry, and Agroecology techniques together in ways that make sense ecologically.

Hill Top Farm is 4 hours north of Cairns near Cooktown, in tropical north Queensland.

1. No charges - we don’t charge for our Internships
2. One-on-one guidance and support - we generally only have 1-2 Interns at any one time
3. Discover exceptional Permaculture design and innovation grounded in practicality
4. Learn directly on a day-to-day basis from Dr Wendy Seabrook, a professional Ecologist, Permaculturist, and Horticulturist.
5. Practical Research Project – we encourage Interns to undertake a project during their Internship
6. Time off – you’ll have weekends and afternoons to follow your own interests, explore Cooktown and our surrounding wild landscapes
7. First-rate Intern Accommodation - we provide self-contained cabin or safari tent
8. Healthy diet – we eat mainly from the farm and otherwise use organic ingredients as much as possible. We can accommodate people on special diets.

We provide Intern students with unique and affordable experience-based learning opportunities. You will receive training in our toolkit of Ecological Practices from Dr Wendy Seabrook, together with guidance and support with self-directed learning.
You will also get an opportunity to gain skills in marketing. Like many small-scale organic producers, we struggle with earning a fair wage for our efforts. We are especially challenged by living in a remote area with just one market – Cooktown or 4 hours to Cairns. After four years selling Bananas, Paw Paws and mixed greens locally in Cooktown at the weekly markets and through Cooktown Food Connect we are re-examining our enterprises and concentrating on developing an Integrated Poultry Forage System.

We have two, 3-month Programs each year – October – December and January – March. Interns help for 4 hours each day – Monday to Friday. We can not take Interns at other times.

We encourage our Intern Students to use their time at Hill Top Farm to pursue independent practical research projects. This is an evolving piece of our educational program and we support the students to undertake a research project which will benefit their career and our information base for the farm. If you are doing an internship as part of your academic studies, we can also help you to meet the requirements specified by your College.

If you would like to do an Internship at Hill Top Farm you need to email Wendy at ([email protected]) and send:
1. Copy of your Resume/CV and a recent photo of yourself
2. Brief covering letter explaining:
* why you would like to do an Internship at HTF, and
* what you would like to achieve from the Internship
3. Letter of recommendation from two individuals or organisations you have worked with previously

(We receive many requests for internships and find that looking at the student’s Resumes, together with their responses to the above questions, helps us ensure that the internships will be worthwhile both for the student and the team at Hill Top Farm.)

4. Interns need to be registered Wwoofers.
5. You will also need to fulfil the requirements of our ‘Intern Contract’, including providing a Bond of $500 payable to confirm your placement as an Intern at Hill Top Farm. The full amount will be refunded to you at the end of your month Internship program. We do not charge for our Internships but ask for the Bond to ensure our Interns are as committed as we are to this opportunity.

Contact email: 

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