Permaculture in Malawi

Hi, my name is Jaine Raine. I work for the Makwawa Malawi Charity ( are two permaculture projects that I am helping with here in Malawi.

* Firstly, we have an amazing Malawian permaculture teacher, Samuel Baluti who comes to Makwawa Scout Campsite on the slopes of Zomba mountain and teaches permaculture at the Primary and Secondary Schools nearby and also to the Scouts and local villagers. So much is being learnt, mainly that the fertilizers they were so dependent on are not necessary for a good harvest. We need help with ongoing support and teaching, as well as helping to implement (read planting) Samuel's design for the Scout grounds. In return for 5 hours work per day you will receive free accommodation and meals.

* Secondly, Samuel Baluti has the land available to build an eco-village near Monkey Bay and Cape Maclear (both fantastic resorts for tourists when you need to relax and have fun), based on permaculture principles. You could be a part of this exciting new project, the first of its kind in Malawi. Be prepared to get stuck into whatever needs doing: creating a tree nursery, pumping water out of a bore hole, tree planting and building dwellings are all proposed for the next year. You will need to be able to cope with the heat and travelling by public transport (read pillion on a motorbike or the minibus). In return for 5 hours work per day you will receive free accommodation and meals, probably in the local village at Samuel's home so very much the total experience of Malawian life.

You will need to find your own finances for your flight, visa (up to 3 months on a visitors visa at $75), transport costs (minibuses are very cheap but if there were a group of you hiring a car becomes feasible unless you are loaded!!) and accommodation elsewhere in Malawi. I'm here to help with any queries and emergencies.

Come and experience Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa. You may never leave. I haven't!!!

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