Please participate in a research study: Permaculture as a transnational social movement

My name is Dr Ben Habib, Lecturer in International Relations at La Trobe University ( and permaculture teacher at CERES Community Environment Park in Melbourne, Australia (

I am seeking qualified permaculture practitioners as interviewees in my current research project on permaculture as a transnational social movement.

I’m really excited about this research project, which will examine permaculture as a transnational social movement, with a view to exploring how the movement acts at the interface between local-level sustainability transition projects, national environmental policies and international climate politics, across different national contexts. The study will be guided by social movement theories to map the international permaculture movement, in all its dynamism and diversity. The goal is to construct a conceptual map of how the permaculture movement operates at global scale, to help permaculture practitioners and organisations to better facilitate networking, resourcing and collaboration internationally.

The results of this research project are intended to be published in academic outputs (book manuscript, peer-reviewed journal articles, and academic conference papers and presentations), popular media (online publications and podcasts), and in the permaculture community (PDC’s and public presentations). I will also be running a workshop on this project at the upcoming International Permaculture Convergence in India.

To make participation as easy as possible for you, I am happy to accept your responses to my questions in (1) written form (via return email), or (2) as an audio recording from your phone, where you respond verbally to my written questions (via DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud or any other file sharing app). If you are interested in being involved, please get in touch with me by email ([email protected]) and I will forward you further information and the interview questions.

Contact email: 

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