Proposing a Social Innovation Fellowship

Why I’m proposing a Social Innovation Fellowship?

“Observe and interact” is one of the permaculture design principles, often mentioned first. What can we observe in a world today and what kind of interaction could bring permaculture ethics - Earth Care, People Care and Future Care - into life?

There is an enormous need for climate action and mitigation, and for top-down solutions to be complemented by bottom-up action. That’s already happening at the levels of streets, neighbourhoods, and villages. Issues related to precarious work are worsening, particularly for younger generations.

Virtually no employers are offering jobs in community-led climate action and nature regeneration - and that’s something many people would love to do, provided that they can make a living doing it. Instead of investing public or private funding into projects that may or may not create lasting benefits, why not also invest in people who are intrinsically motivated to work for the betterment of their local community and the planet? Funders could collaborate with different actors of regenerative movements and offer, for example, a 3-year ‘Community Fellowship’.

While I see this fellowship primarily working to address the urgent needs of community climate action activists, it’s possible that it could support the needs of community actors pursuing other relevant local causes too.

Full details and support the proposal:

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