XR Stewarding, London, April 15th

Climate Change organisation, Extinction Rebellion are reaching out for stewarding volunteers for an April Rebellion in Central London starting April 15th. (https://rebellion.earth/). The event will involve a variety of activities, including education, direct action and performances throughout the day and into the evening, ranging from little known to some big-name music and DJ acts in selected locations. Stewards will help welcome the public, educate on XR and encourage newcomers to take part. They will also play a key role in crowd management and coordination of the Rebellion on the ground. Training will be organised in advance, both face to face in London and online.

To volunteer, please contact [email protected] providing the following information:

- Name
- Email address
- Phone number
- Duration: 1 day (15th April); 2-3 days (15-17th April); Up to 1 Week (starting 15th April); Up to 2 Weeks (starting 15th April)
- Any previous experience (e.g. stewarding, festivals, direct action) - not essential, but will help identify site coordinators and performance area staff

XR is a growing movement with the non-violent objective to make the government accelerate its response to the climate emergency, to avert climate breakdown and minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse. Any help you can give will be much appreciated and will be critical to its success.

Contact email: 

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