The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design provides recognition of a person’s ability to apply permaculture ethics, principles and design skills to enhance local sustainability.

This is demonstrated through an accreditation event where the apprentice designer presents a selection of their design work and makes a portfolio of projects and activities available for inspection to a peer group made up of Diploma holders and Design Course Certificate holders.

What are the benefits?

The Diploma offers the following benefits:

  • an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the permaculture concepts and practices introduced during the Design Course.
  • an opportunity to consciously turn the theory learnt on the Design Course into practical skills and real-life changes.
  • a structured approach to learning, with support from experienced mentors and designers.


It will also enable you to:

  • get high quality design support and guidance for your projects
  • develop skills as a reflective and sustainable learner
  • increase your professional reputation and confidence as a permaculture designer
  • be added to the Permaculture Association’s designers register to help attract commercial design work.
  • become a lead teacher on a Permaculture Design Course (teacher specific training is also required)
  • join the Diploma WorkNet as a tutor (tutor specific training is also required)

Who can do the Diploma?

Students who successfully complete the Permaculture Design Course have become members of the College of Graduates, and are part of a worldwide student body that have learnt the basics of permaculture design.

Only members of the College of Graduates are eligible to register to do the Diploma and apply for accreditation.

When you register for the Diploma you will be asked to join the Permaculture Association if you are not already a member, and to keep your membership current whilst you are studying.

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