La'akea Permaculture Gardens

La'akea is a 25 acre intentional community located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We honor and work in harmony with the land we own and steward using permaculture principles.

Part of the vision at La'akea is to provide opportunities for people to come to La'akea; to spread the experience of living in an intentional community, to educate about permaculture, and to teach personal development skills. In exchange, we receive the benefit of additional labor, outside perspective and new friends. To achieve these goals we offer WOOF hosting and a variety of workshops and courses. See our website under 'Courses and Events' or 'Interns and Work Exchange' for more information. We encourage cooperative endeavors and the building of friendships. We value sustainable practices, and consider future generations in all our choices. We embrace processes which work to bring us into unity, while respecting each person?s autonomy. We aim for egalitarian relationships by practicing consensus decision making.

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1 808 443 4076
PO Box 1071
Pahoa, Hawaii
United States
Hawaii US