Master Gardeners wanted in Islington & Camden area!

Become a volunteer Master Gardener and in return receive FREE training on a host of growing topics
We’re looking for experienced and passionate food growers in Islington and Camden to support their communities to have a go at growing their own food.
If you already support individuals and communities in your neighbourhood to learn to grow food your time will be recognised for this. Alternatively if you want to get involved in growing projects run by our partners, we will offer you this opportunity. Our partners focus on supporting users of mental health services, socially isolated (elderly), and individuals with health issues related to diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Our project partners are: Freightliners City Farm, St Lukes Trust, Global Generation and Urban Growth
If this sounds interesting to you or someone you know have a look at the links below to find out more then get in touch.
BENEFITS of being involved:
Free two-day induction with Garden Organic on weekend of 7-8 June 2014 (tentative dates which may be changed)
Free ongoing horticulture training throughout the year
Belong to a vibrant network of volunteers providing peer to peer advice and support
Flexible volunteer role to suit interest and availability – 30 hours/year
Active support and resources from your local co-ordinator.
Placement with a community food growing project in either Camden or Islington which include: Freightliners City Farm, St Lukes Trust, Global Generation and Urban Growth
Join 600+ Master Gardeners helping thousands of people benefit from growing their own food.
Download and return Master Gardener Volunteer Application Form before 30th May 2014.

Project start date: 
May, 2014
Project end: 
May, 2014