May Project Gardens

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LAND Centre

Educating and inspiring communities through ethical food growing techniques, low impact living, collective action and sustainable development.

The May Project Gardens is a 0.028 hectare plot situated in Morden, south London, and was founded with the aim to bring communities closer together through sustainable activities. The site houses several fruit and vegetable growing beds, a medium size polytunnel, and is open to all those interested in learning and/or sharing skills and knowledge in permaculture, horticulture and community development. The main aim of May Project Gardens is to bring communities closer together to act collectively. The project provides access to the tools necessary to educate communities about the issues that affect the environment and as a result the effects they have on those inhabiting the planet. May Project helps to demonstrate some of the solutions to these issues and encourages all to get involve and make a difference

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Friday, 13 January, 2012
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May Project Gardens can accommodate up to 15 people.
At may project gardens we have mapped out and designed the site to accommodate a very diverse ecosystem. We have divided the space into four zones, namely: the kitchen garden, the main crop garden, the wild space, and the food forest. We also employ succession and companion planting techniques, no dig beds, rain water collection and storage systems, mulching/soil building and are in the process of constructing a rain water irrigation system for our covered beds. At may project we try to make everyone who visit aware of the importance of knowing what they eat and the effects their choices have on the planet as a whole. The set up of the may project garden site allows visitor to see the closed loop system of composting garden and kitchen discards as well as the principle of multiple functions for single elements.
Project start date: 
April, 2008
158 Middleton Road
Morden SM4 6RW
United Kingdom