The Native Oak Group

The Native Oak Group site is an embryonic low impact community.

On site is a 6 year old forest garden, wildlife pond, willow coppice, a big selection of unusual fruit and nut trees as well as the expected ones. The site demonstrates the use of edible wind breaks, fire breaks, reed-bed water treatment, earth sheltered construction, sand-bag building, compost toilet etc. On nearby land we have started a community vegetable growing scheme. Here people from outside our group are offered small plots of land to grow food for themselves and are given guidance if they need it. The Native Oak Group tree nursery is an income generating project. Here we grow all of the tree and shrub species that are native to the island and specifically grow from seeds of trees of local native provenance. Our Manx government forestry department buy trees from us for ecologically sensitive sites where tree planting is appropriate. We also supply to farmers who are in our Agri-environment scheme and our local wildlife trust. Under the Native Oak Group banner, we are currently conducting a survey into the local walnut tree population with a view to advising the owners and assisting making their trees more productive.

Contact Name: 
Mill Millichap
Telephone number: 
07624 480 882
Native Oak Group Summer Hill Road
Jurby IM7 3BR
Isle of Man