Orchard Barn

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EnglandEast of England
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LAND Centre

Practical environmental education community project to restore C17th barn and old orchard for use by CIC as Rural Skills Centre.

OBee CIC was established to undertake the following objectives at Orchard Barn

  • Provide environmentally sustainable indoor and outdoor facilities and structure for community activities.
  • Increase participation in heritage activities. Provide opportunities for learning traditional skills through practical participation.
  • Employ, and encourage the use of, natural resources and organic techniques through education, communication of best practices and practical demonstration of uses.
  • Conserve and enhance the historic features of the local landscape, including traditional orchards.
  • Develop community-supported vegetable plots, orchards, and woodland.
  • Encourage existing wildlife, and aim to increase biodiversity, by improving the habitat of sites within the local community.
  • Provide increased access to, and opportunities for exercise in, green space that is close to the community.
  • Increase, through a holistic educational programme, community awareness and understanding of the effect the individual has on the environment – and the vital interconnectedness between the health of the environment and the health of the individual.


Since 2007, volunteers and trainees have succeeded in bringing an old barn back from dereliction and are now embarking on the next phase of the project – the renovation of the old orchard and converting bramble patches into productive food areas. We run natural/traditional building and green wood working courses utilising real projects on live projects. We hope to demonstrate self-reliance in terms of energy, water and waste.

Contact Name: 
Sarah Partridge
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Project start date: 
March, 2007
Working with the wood at Orchard Barn
Bildeston Road, Far Ringshall
Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 2LY
United Kingdom
Suffolk GB