Permacultuur School (NL)

The Dutch Permaculture School Gives a one year Training in how to practically apply permaculture design principles,It runs a 1 hectare Pc. demo site.

The 'Permacultuur School' is a Dutch Foundation dedicated to the practise of Permaculture and providing education and practical guidance in the use of Permaculture. We are running an experimental/Pc. demo garden on a 1 hectare site near Deventer, where we supply a local economy store with fresh organic vegetables.We are alo involved on a 3 hectare Pc. site in Catalonia and various smaller sites in Holland. We are offering a one year training in the practical application of Permaculture principles in daily life. In addition we plan a series of one and two day intro. workshops.Dutch is the mail language we use for this (although we all can speak English for the International students). People are welcome to come and help out in the garden, and every friday there is a larger group there.We are all members of the Deventer Lets system.

Contact Name: 
Taco Blom
Telephone number: 
+31 (0)6 1505 8755
Kasteel Nieuwenhoven
Engelbamp 55-57 Deventer
3800 Sint-Truiden