Ragmans Lane Farm

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EnglandSouth West
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LAND Centre

Ragmans is a 60-acre organic farm incorporating permaculture principles. We run and host course on sustainable living, and produce apple juice and mushroom logs.

Ragmans has been operating since 1990 as a place where permaculture ideas are experimented with. Over the years many diverse activities have taken place at Ragmans, it is responsive the new ideas and new people. Currently the farm has 3 core areas of work: apple juice, mushroom logs and teaching. We have 1000 apple trees and make about 15,000 bottles of juice a year. We have taught over 1700 people on courses since 1991.

The farm has permaculture design features built in to the infrastructure, e.g. water harvesting and storage, low impact buildings, solar and biomass heating systems, comfrey production. We can provide permaculture examples for broadscale farmers and urban contexts.

The farm aims to support productive and sustainable land use and is hosting The Willow Bank and the Market Garden. Two independent micro businesses based at the farm. Working together to provide employment and to use the land as well.

Member Project known date: 
Friday, 13 January, 2012
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Number of visitors/volunteers can accommodate: 25. Group visit scheme: yes.
Telephone number: 
01594 860244
Around the farm buildings there are examples of perennial veg and fruit beds. The community led veg box scheme (CSA) incorporates organic horticulture, contour beds, gravity fed irrigation from water collected and stored in a pond, and is line with Transition models of local food production.
Project start date: 
January, 1990
Lower Lydbrook, Gloucestershire GL17 9PA
United Kingdom
Gloucestershire GB