Giulio Pollonio - Main Profile

Hi ,
I am Giulio Pollonio, a young man registred to Permaculture Association as member and I officially started my Indipendent Diploma in applied Permaculture on October 10th 2019.

I am very excited for this adventuring learning path and get the possibility to safeguard the life in this uncerten world we are living in by designing for the enviroment . Only by responsible choices we can make a better world for the enviroment, for our community no metter their distances and for the wealth of all!
I am very apposionante of mycilogy and soil conservation . My dreaming plan is to pass the diploma which I am sure will open up to major possibility to joy projects around the world to restoring the enviroment with ecological choses!
So let start from 'a small and slow solution' to develop a better world!

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