mambud_samai - Main Profile

Mambud Samai was born into a Muslim family in Sierra Leone in 1973. His childhood was typically characterized by deaths of parents and step parents and by infrequent schooling. During early adulthood, attacks by terrorist militia destroyed his base of living several times, culminating in a two weeks' march on foot to the border of neighboring Guinea - Conakry, where Mambud lived for two years in a refugee camp. Converted to Christianity, he returned to Sierra Leone after the end of the Civil War, trained as a minister and became very passionate in war victims and help in the establishment of Single Leg Amputee Sports Association – SLASA in 2001.

Mambud worked very hard to project Christianity in his Muslim community and in 2009; he gained connection with IFGF Los Angeles and invited them to his country for leadership development and establishment of the IFGF movement in Sierra Leone.

At Asian Rural Institute – ARI Japan in 2018, Mambud Samai has widened his vision towards servant leadership, community development strategies and organic farming practices. A person of great humour & energy, he organized at ARI, too, a football team of participants, volunteers and staff of all ages and used that platform to impart Christianity in Japan. On his return to Sierra Leone, he is more systematically linking the church, the amputee football into Permaculture and agroecological techniques through regenerative agriculture that improves lives, enhances safe food production and protection of mother earth planet.

The participation of schoolchildren from elementary school and Junior High, local farmers and household families to introduce basic sustainable agriculture practices through school gardening and demonstration farms as Education for Sustainable Development would be realized. With this Sierra Leone will enhance food security and serve others nations through this innovative approach.

Mambud Samai is married to Gladys Samai with two beautiful daughters; Dolores M. Samai – age 15, and Daniella M. Samai – age 7. The family manages 11 acreages of agricultural land in Permaculture designs in Sierra Leone

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