Claire White - Main Profile

I started my permaculture journey when a friend lent me a book called Forest Gardening (by Robert Hart), in the book was a Naturewise flyer that had been used as a bookmark, by the time I finished the book I decided to attend an intro to Permaculture with Naturewise in North London then a PDC  (2005). I enjoyed the PDC so much I didn't want it to end and felt I had discovered something that connected my different interests, these being; Food growing, environmental issues, Land & woodland history, our individual and collective creative learning process and community cohesion.

Since then I became completely absorbed with permaculture, applying ethical principles to my garden design work, community projects and art. I was volunteer/co ordinator at the Naturwise Forest Garden London, for seven years and learnt enough to teach forest gardening courses, introductory permaculture courses and have taught on and supported several Full Design Courses.

My background is in fine art and horticulture I am interested in how our actions and creativity can have a beneficial effect on the future. I gained my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2011 and my portfolio is presently being added to a flickr site linked to my website.

I am selfemployed, I teach permaculture courses, I am a diploma turor, deliver permaculture designs to individuals, businesses and community groups, and try and make art.

Telephone number: 
07899 843 061