Lusi Alderslowe

Over the last 12 years I have demonstrated deep dedication and commitment to disseminating permaculture, both with children and adults. I am delighted to continue to work in the Children in Permaculture project, deepening the working relationships, working with children, and delivering high quality outputs and outcomes in this innovative, inspirational project.
My qualifications include a Permaculture Design Course, Forest Schools OCN Level 3, Permaculture Training of Teachers, Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, MSc in Human Ecology, BSc in Psychology.
I have worked with children on permaculture-related projects since May 2006, when I co-founded Nurture in Nature. I coordinated this outdoor playgroup for 6 years,I co-founded Fun Outdoors in autumn 2012 and have co-led weekly 2 hour sessions in the woods since; and organising children's activities at various events including the IPC UK 2015, the Scottish Green Party Conferences, and several activity weeks for children.
I started to work in schools in April 2010 in Glasgow and in Galloway, developing many skills including relating my permaculture work to the national curriculum, and communicating effectively with funders, children, teachers (including headteachers), parents, inspectors, and the wider school community. Gatehouse School is now integrating permaculture into their whole school with regular outdoor learning sessions for all children.