Louise Shannon

I'm Louise, I am pretty new to permaculture, having been introduced to it by a friend. We trained as shiatsu practitioners together and her project was on Shiatsu and Permaculture. The permaculture principles resonated with me and here I am, trying to learn more!

I have since read many books, I'm applying the principles where I can in my garden, allotment and around the home. And in my life in general. I hope to do a permaculture design course in the near future.

I am a nurse and find this a daily struggle against inappropriate and dysfunctional systems. This has impacted my move to complementary and alternative medicine, something I have been interested in since childhood. I have now qualified as a shiatsu practitioner, reiki master practitioner and crystal healer. I hope to provide these in my community, and keep them as accessible as possible.

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