Alpay Torgut

I came up with the name Naturewise while I was travelling on the London underground. and have been coordinating its evolution since 1990. This has involved creating and managing two forest gardens; one a community forest garden, the other a partnership/community nursery school forest garden. I did my permaculture course in 1990/91 and received my Diploma in 1997.Also during this period I initiated and ran 20 permaculture courses, in the inner London city setting. Some of my other substantial involvements have been with a housing co-op, a community garden and a community centre. I would say the biggest driving force in my life is to be authentic and take personal responsibility for the global situation. And take action today not tomorrow.
In 2004 I moved to West Wales, and handed coordination of courses to Nicole and the Naturewise community Forest garden to Claire, since then the Naturewise London team has grown and grown but that’s a story best told by the London team... I continued to support activities in London predominantly through the website.
In West Wales I have been raising awareness through public events, making short films of local food growing (Links on website), reactivating allotments, starting a community forest garden, Initiating Transition Teifi, and opening an Eco shop.

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