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A Social Permaculture Approach to Education, Leadership and Group Facilitation

Re-Green Ecoculture Center is delighted to welcome Robin Clayfield to run her highly-acclaimed 'Dynamic Groups' course this August.

The course is a professional development training and cutting edge learning methodology to gain more skills, confidence and processes that inspire, inform and create success in all our groups and learning environments.

In Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning, the jigsaw puzzle of groups learning and working together becomes an adventure in Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods, Personal Empowerment, Confidence Building, Workshop Planning and Skills Development.

The course supports people to facilitate, teach, train or present any topic or subject, or lead a meeting or group in a way that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience.

If you are willing to look past the expert, dominant and hierarchical process called teaching, to a more interactive, participatory process of encouraging learning, this is the course for you; be part of the new learning revolution and go home with a tool box of processes in order to support your own groups.
Run By Robin Clayfield from Australia. www.dynamicgroups.com.au

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Re-Green Ecoculture Centre, Peloponnese, Greece
€420 + Accomodati, Greek Nationals please contact for price.
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5 August 2017 to 10 August 2017
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