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Strategic Partners

Growing Together is a new partnership initiative of community and environmental sector organisations that will unlock income, land and skills for community growing groups to them become financially self-sustaining.


The People’s Food Policy is a grassroots project developing recommendations for the food policies we would like to see in place. It is a collaboration between actors in the food sovereignty network working for a more just and sustainable food system.


The Permaculture Association is one of the founder members of the new European Permaculture Network which now has 24 members. EUPN is a mutual aid network of organisations that help each other in a non-hierarchical way. It takes on the role of the previous European Permaculture Council, and will continue to support a European convergence every two years. Visit the website.


ECOLISE’s vision is of a Europe where the members of every local community have taken a lead role in ensuring local economic, social and environmental sustainability. Through their actions, they have achieved a net zero carbon footprint and in so doing have made a major contribution to the establishment of a post-carbon, ecological society in Europe.


YIP is a new initiative to support and empower youths and young adults to create resilient, fulfilling and fun lives inspired by permaculture. Encouraged by Children in Permaculture (CIP), several youths involved in permaculture, and various leaders in the permaculture community formed to create a diverse team from over eight countries and many organizations to begin to build this exciting project. We are delighted to be part of the team!


"During our last financial year in the UK, we donated over £1.6 million to small charities, campaigns and organisations working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights. Globally, we donated £6.3 million. One of the exciting things about Lush is the fact that we can lend our support to grassroots groups around the world that need help to make a difference."



Media Partners

Permaculture - practical solutions beyond sustainability; is a bestselling international green/environmental magazine. Its 88 pages are packed with inspiring articles written by leading experts alongside the readers' own tips and solutions.



Affinity Partners

When a Permaculture Association supporter opens a Triodos savings account by going to www.triodos.co.uk/permaculture, and deposits £100 or more Triodos will donate £40 to us. In turn, we will use these donations to support the use of permaculture and a better future for us all. More info as well as terms and conditions can be found at www.triodos.co.uk/permaculture


Buy from Green Shopping using the link above and they will donate a % of sales to the Permaculture Association. Get a 10% discount on all books published by Permanent Publications!


We’re proud to be in partnership with Good Energy, a green electricity company that uses the amazing power of British sun, wind and water to replace every bit of electricity you use in your home over a year. And it’s cheaper than the standard dual fuel tariffs offered by the Big Six suppliers.

Switch to Good Energy quoting The Permaculture Association and help transform the way we make and use energy in the UK.


'Turn electricity bills into windmills' - for every pound customers spend, Ecotricity spend another pound building wind turbines. By switching to Ecotricity you are also helping the Association without it costing you a penny. Switch and raise up to £60 for the Permaculture Association!


The UK's co-operative telephone and broadband supplier, offering phone calls, line rental and broadband. When you use their service, 6% of what you spend on calls and broadband goes to Permaculture Association. Calls are up to 15% cheaper than BT and line rental is also cheaper. You keep all the features you have with your present supplier, while helping us to raise money. For further information, please visit www.thephone.coop/pca or call 0845 458 9040 ensuring that you quote Permaculture Association AF0201.


This is a simple scheme, free of charge, that provides a facility to collect and recycle used printer inkjets and mobile phones into a cash donation.

Strategic Partners

Media Partners

Affinity Partners

If you would like to become a partner organisation or could offer affinities or services to supporters of the Permaculture Association please get in touch via our contact form.