Introduction To Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture
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Our introduction course goes beyond the garden and offers the opportunity to share knowledge on social permaculture and its benefits. This gives you an holistic experience showing how the basic theory and the practical application of permaculture can be used in your personal life, at home, in your community and for wellbeing. This three day course uses our valuable experiences of living off grid and interaction with nature to help inspire you into reframing your approach into how you live and work.

Permaculture is a natural design science mimicking the patterns of nature. It can be used to help build regenerative and resilient landscapes and communities. It is a solutions based, systems thinking design process. The aim is to bring together a set of specific elements which, when designed in the right way, can help create sustainable economic and ecological, resilient & regenerative systems. Day 3 will introduce to you, techniques we have used towards our own psychological resilience.

This 3 day intensive will introduce you to the basic ethics and principles of permaculture, introducing you to a variety of innovative tools and methods for use in the home, garden and your areas of social interaction. We will look briefly at why systems thinking is a key component in permaculture thinking and designing. Our courses are interactive and fun. We use a variety of game based and outdoor sessions to deliver our learning.

No knowledge of permaculture is necessary in order to attend this course. We welcome those aged 10 to 100. Children must be accompanied by a responsible, caring adult.

Cost includes food and residential (camping only )

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£250 (contact us if on low income)
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Wenderlynn Bagnall
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17 May 2019 to 19 May 2019
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