Learn to Coppice - Permaculture and Community Land Management 1

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Learn to Coppice
Permaculture and Community Land Management 1
Sat 15th December 2018 at Meadow orchard Project
151 Park Rd, Crouch End, London N8 8JD
9:30 am 3:30 pm
with Claire White, Veronique Mackintosh and Kate Allerdyce
The aims of the day is to draw practical support from people who want to learn about Coppicing , observe how succession is impacting of the orchard and fund raise for the meadow.

Structure of the Day:

· Reflect on achievements over the last 8 years. Orchard, Building, Meadow, Food growing, Cultural events.

· Original Wild life Survey, explain how we decided a management plan.

· Talk about the Urban Orchard Project here and other projects- talk about the Meadow Orchard, trees and work that needs completing this winter, and what work will be repeated next year.

· Holding back succession from the meadow and Orchard, Community Land Management- Roles and Tasks Practical workshop in the Meadow.

This is the first of days that focus on how to organise and maintain community land based projects.

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Telephone number: 
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18 Granville Terrace
Fee: £10-£30. (For the day with Lunch)
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9:30 am 3:30 pm
15 December 2018
15 December 2018
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