Permaculture, Nature Connection & Deep Ecology

Summary information

a nature-based practice & study event

This course explores both the practical wisdom and the theoretical underpinnings of a shift to a life-sustaining future – set within a framework of nature and dharma based learning. It draws together the practical wisdom of permaculture design, experiential nature-based practice, and the theoretical foundations of deep & radical ecology. It weaves together study, meditation, and hands on learning.

During the course you will:

Learn the basic principles of permaculture and how to design, establish, and work with sustainable living systems
Participate in practical and experiential methods to support a deepening nature connection
Explore the key ideas of deep, social and radical ecology
Gain a deeper appreciation of the practical, theoretical, and spiritual roots of a sustainable and life affirming future

Booking and further information
Suggested contribution in the Dana Economy €200/€500/€700
Lead teacher info
Dates and times
20 October 2018 to 27 October 2018
Alfred Decker, Grace McKeown and May McKeith
Venue information
Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
No apprentice teacher places available on this course.

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