PFC Permaculture Forests Course Paradise Island of S.Miguel Azores

Specialist - Forest gardening
Summary information

On the PFC you will learn about forest gardening and how to create a stable diverse abundant forest that produces food.

On this course we will talk about the main forestry skills that are needed to design, develop and manage a food forest.

Did you ever asked yourself these questions?

I love trees but how do i plant them and take care of them?
What is the best way to prepare the soil to make trees grow well?
Wen planting trees what is the best distance between them?
What are the best plants to plant together with trees ?
How can i create maximum diversity and stability with my trees.
How can i get maximum production from all the forest elements?
There must be a way to do natural pest control, how can i do that?
I live in the city, how can i create a urban food forest?

The PFC is the course for people that are passionate about forests.
We look at all stages of preparation of a forest, from seed to harvest.
The focus on the most diverse forest topics, tree planting, tree pruning, companion planting, world climates, plants families, permaculture cultivation, natural pest control, using the stars as planting calendar.
Mushrooms dynamics, how to find them and reproduce and its importance on stable forests.
We look at many different systems, fukuoka forests, alley cropping, wood forests, agro forestry and atlantis food forests.

The subjects covered during the PFC include:

Agro ecology
Food Forest creation and management
How to combine fruits and veggies
Plants and tres species
How, when and where to plant
Climate zones
Social forests

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If you read this you just pay 250 eur Use the code BRITAS
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Dates and times
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22 to 26 February
22 February 2019
26 February 2019
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