Teacher Training Course for Permaculture

Teacher Training
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This course will take place in an community setting in a large house in Amersham, Buckinghamshire (40 miles west of London). It will be an intensive seven days with a day at either end for those who are interested to also learn about Sociocracy. We will explore the curriculum (as approved by the Permaculture Association) and what constitutes good teaching techniques for effective learning. Graham Bell is the longest serving PC teacher in the UK and the first person here to gain the diploma in 1990 direct from Bill Mollison. Rakesh has taught hundreds of courses in many challenging environments and both have many more strings to their bow than just the PDC. This will be an unequalled opportunity to share knowledge and skill and advance the cause of Permaculture worldwide.

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The Garden Cottage, Lees Stables
Variable according to ability to pay
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Graham Bell
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Times are all day. We will live together cook and eat together. For those interested in Sociocaracy add a day either end.
8 June 2019
15 June 2019
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will be advised to participants.  Aprivate community

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