Urban & Social PDC in Berlin

Full Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
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Urban Permaculture Design Course
at silent green, Berlin, June 1-15 (2019)

In collaboration with Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg, Himmelbeet, Stein-Häger Hof (Gerswalde) and others.

Film Feld Forschung @ Silent Green Kulturquartier and 12P Permaculture Design invite you to a two-week intensive Permaculture Design Course (PDC), offering the internationally-recognized 72-hour permaculture curriculum. Our focus is on urban and social permaculture and how activist permaculture can work for climate justice and building a non-racist society where the permaculture ethic "People Care" is practised. We will explore soil as the ground we live on and with, as a contested and extracted medium; how practices of soil regeneration connect to how we live together; and how the ethics and principles of permaculture and regenerating soil relates to arts and film practices.

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1 June 2019 to 15 June 2019
Nicole Wolf, Declan Kennedy, Mojisola Adebayo, Sonja Bach, Johanna Häger, Dennis Posthumus, Robert Strauch, Bouba Touré, Raphaël Grisey
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