Educator membership - upgrade payment

If you are happy to upgrade your membership early, please log on to renew your membership now.

Alternatively, pay to upgrade to Educator membership for the remainder of your current membership plan. Get in touch (Membership - Nicola) to find out how much to pay and upgrade. You can send us the amount to upgrade using the paypal button below.



Other payment options

If you would like to pay by BACs transfer or call us to pay by credit or debit card, please get in touch with Nicola via the contact from.

Please use ref: 'Educator' and bank details below:

Sort code: 60 83 01 Account number: 20190615 Account name: Permaculture Association


FAQ - What should I be paying?


Current Lifetime or Household members

Pay £54 annually or £4.50 a month to access Educator membership benefits. Pay annually here / pay monthly here.


Current Individual / Concession / International members

Either renew your membership now or get in touch to find out how much to pay to upgrade for the remainder of your existing membership.